About Us



We all love Dallas, right? That’s why we live here. But we’ve been a bit behind this exciting new culinary/food trend called ‘Food Halls’ that are becoming so popular in cities around the country. Essentially, a food hall is a clustering of ‘the best of class’ from local chefs and restaurateurs in smaller food stalls in more open spaces – kind of like an upscale food court. Limited menu offerings, cutting edge trends, diversity in flavors and items that are easy to grab on the run, eat quickly in a community seating environment, or take back to your apartment, home or condo. Typically, these food halls are found in high density urban areas with strong residential demographics offering meals, beverages, or bites for all times of the day, accentuating high quality food at much lower prices than traditional restaurants are able to provide in a setting designed for today’s lifestyle. Uptown Urban Market is our introduction to this food hall movement and though it might not be the biggest, it will certainly be the first in Dallas! Come join us!

For information, email Scott Koller at scottk@uptownurbanmarket.com